As one of the most trusted male endorsers in the Philippines, Robin Padilla has always exuded an aura of credibility, being very careful to only use and advertise products whose mission is aligned to his personal convictions.

It comes to no surprise then that the “idol ng bayan” would become the next ambassador for ASCOF, having decided to embrace an organic lifestyle for healthier living.

This is as real as it gets for the Filipino action star. Now a reformed bad boy, Robin has definitely gone good, and in his case, the change is evident. His own brand of patriotism combined with a love for all things healthy and natural make him the perfect fit for ASCOF, a natural cough remedy made from 100% organically grown Lagundi leaves, who share the same vision.

Dr. Abraham F. Pascual, chairman of the company, has an advocacy to develop natural products we have a lot of plants in the Philippines that have medicinal properties. He wants to develop products that will be good for the consumers. We find that we are aligned with Mr. Robin Padilla’s own, that’s the reason why we got him to be the endorser for ASCOF,” said Ayne Rili, Brand Manager of ASCOF Lagundi.

Originally, Robin was hesitant to take on the project because he thought ASCOF Lagundi was a synthetic product, which can have damaging effects to the internal organs, especially the liver. “But when I saw that ASCOF Lagundi is from lagundi leaves grown organically in this farm, I said ‘yes’ immediately.”, says the actor.

He adds, “We have a moral obligation to our fellow Filipinos who believe in us to guide them to the right path. And if endorsing ASCOF Lagundi is the means to give back, then this is the best thing that we can give them.”