Northern Cement Corporation’s latest offerings are tough, able to weather any storm, just like the man who endorses them. From a colorful and controversial past as a literal bad boy to an advocate and family man with an unwavering career in showbiz, Filipino action star Robin Padilla proves that he is a force to be reckoned with. His ability to stand strong amidst rough circumstances makes him the perfect endorser for the cement company. Robin, in every sense of the word, is Hari ng Tigasin.

Oliver Gorospe, Vice President and General Manager of NCC, says Robin’s “unmatched strength of character, steadfast resilience in the face of adversity and modern heroism are all aligned with NCC’s brand characteristics.”

According to Robin, who is also one of the top Filipino celebrity endorsers, the main reason why he accepted to become an ambassador for NCC is because of his great love and support for local products and Pinoy entrepreneurship. “We have been inundated by foreign brands. In this age of so-called globalization, we can do our patriotic share by supporting the best of everything Filipino,” he adds.

Robin’s brand of nationalism is nothing new. He is currently busy with multiple advocacies for peace in the Mindanao region and for Marawi’s rehabilitation. Last June 21, he debuted Brand Pilipinas 2018, a movement that promotes a Filipino first mentality among consumers, urging them to prefer local goods and services over international ones.

Northern Cement Corporation is the only Filipino-owned cement company in the country. Its Maxplus, Master Palitada and Supreme brands are suitable for general construction, masonry and heavy-duty applications for roads, airports and bridges.