When you think of motorcycles and leather jackets, Robin Padilla often comes to mind. With his rugged good looks and bad boy image, the Filipino action star embodies machismo, making him the perfect choice to endorse a line of motorcycles from Kawasaki. Since becoming an ambassador for the Japanese brand in 2010, Kawasaki, which back then was most known for its tricycles, has greatly improved its image, quickly becoming a premiere vehicle of choice for both business and pleasure.

Kawasaki has Robin’s image and charisma to thank for this sudden popularity and increase in sales. His honest, no-nonsense character speaks volumes about his credibility as an advertiser, making him one of the most trusted male endorsers in the Philippines. His ability to represent the promoted product as a reflection of himself and his life is also quite impressive.

“He breathes life into our brand.”
– Teench Layosa-Doval Santos, Kawasaki Senior Manager for Sales and Marketing

Indeed, the motorcycles that Kawasaki offers is as tough, durable and reliable as Padilla himself. The relationship between the brand and the actor, meanwhile, only grows stronger, already reaching past eight fruitful years.

Kawasaki is a Japan-based manufacturer of motorcycles and heavy-duty tricycles. It currently has over 2,000 sores and dealers nationwide, with regional offices in Davao and Cebu.