Year 2018 marks the Padilla brothers’ (Rommel and Robin Padilla) second year of being the faces of Bravo, as both renew their contracts last January at a press con in Quezon City.

Oozing with machismo and sex appeal, there’s no better endorser for Bravo Dietary Supplement for Men than the man among men himself: Mr. Robin Padilla. Along with his older brother and fellow Filipino action star Rommel, Robin Padilla skyrocketed in popularity during the late ‘80s to ’90s for portraying the genuine “bad boy” with rugged good looks, bad boy personality, muscular physique and an overwhelming charisma for the ladies.

Just like the characters they play on camera, both brothers are tough guys in real life, having faced and survived even tougher circumstances in their careers and personal lives. Now middle-aged men, the Padilla brothers are enjoying life to the fullest in their respective paths aside from show business, Rommel in politics and Robin in his family and advocacies. From self-professed bad boys to mature, family men, both have certainly embodied what Bravo is all about.

“Known for the outmost respect, love, care and understanding they project towards women, the Padilla Brothers embody Bravo Dietary Supplement for Men’s brand promise: ‘Mabagsik’.”, says Gil Caoile, Corporate Business Development Manager of Kaufmann Pharma Inc. (Bravo).

In terms of being brand ambassadors, the brothers are said to be very effective. “After one year in the market, we’re now one of the leading brands compared to others na ten years na sa market. Robin and Rommel are real Bravo men!”, adds Caoile.

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