Robin Padilla was one of the guest speakers in the Social Good Summit 2016, an annual international event organized around the United Nations General Assembly, usually held in September. In the Philippines, it is being hosted locally by Rappler since 2012. During his 20-minute talk, Mr Padilla passionately narrated his personal journey towards being a “revolutionary”.

Truth be told, the 20-minute time limit for the summit speakers seems too short for the likes of Mr Padilla’s heart-felt message. He seemed very honest and open in telling the story of his life journey – from his rebellious antics as a child when he lacked direction, up to the long days he spent in prison which served as a transitionary period for him, and the time when he recently decided that he will not give up the “good fight”. He admitted that he failed many times in the past, but he has decided with conviction that he will continue being a Revolutionary – an agent of change that our country needs so badly.

He told the young audience that the “Internet is a gift”, because “information is power”, and all of us are held accountable for its proper use. He even warned that those in power misuse and abuse it to oppress the masses, and that the youth must remain vigilant and relentless in searching for the Truth. He ended his speech with a thought-provoking quote from Apolinario Mabini: “Liberty is the freedom to fight for [the] right,” “—Not the wrong;” he further stressed.

True to his words in this speech, Mr Padilla has been actively leading various social projects throughout the country, such as Tindig Marawi and All-for-Peace Movement. He has also been enthusiastically making use of popular social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to encourage other people in becoming socially aware and in advocating meaningful and peaceful reform.