Robin Padilla, aka Binoe, is undoubtedly more than just an action star, says Val Iglesias. He is a well-known Filipino action film director, who has worked with ‘The King’, Fernando Poe Jr. and other prominent action stars old and new, including Rudy Fernandez, Lito Lapid and Coco Martin. He shares why he believes Binoe remains to be the ultimate ’Idol ng Bayan’.

He recalls that it was the young and humble Binoe starting his career who first called him ‘Tatay Val’ in their first movie together. And henceforth, he became known as Tatay Val in the film industry, and he instantly became a father figure to a phenomenal star.

The Young Binoe: A Raw Diamond

For Tatay Val, Binoe was a very disciplined actor. He could clearly remember the curiosity and the eagerness of the teenager to learn while they produced and shot Eagle Squad (1989), which starred Edu Manzano, Jinggoy Estrada, Monsour del Rosario and other young action stars.

“May ginawa akong pelikula noon, Eagle Squad, marami silang bida noon kasama sina Edu, Jinggoy, Monsour basta marami sila noon.”

Eagle Squad (1989)

Tatay Val confided that instead of resting during break times, Binoe would take the opportunity to observe and learn from the production team. He was amazed at how the young actor maximized the use of his time, as he made himself available on the set before call time, he became friends with the crew, and even mastered his lines. By then, Tatay Val was convinced that Robin is destined to become a big name in the industry, due to his commitment and dedication to the craft.

“Siyempre mga binata makukulit pa, ang hirap pagsasama-samahin. Kaya ako may pito. Mineeting ko sila sabi ko kapag una kong pito, dapat set na sila. Pangalawang pito ko, kahit nasa set sila di sila lumapit. Kapag hindi, puwera na sila. Si Robin kahit di pa ako pumito, nakalapit na sa akin. Sumusunod-sunod, nagtatanong, Tatay Val ano gagawin ko. Nakita koi tong batang to may pag-asa ‘to mahal niya ginagawa niya. “

He added that Binoe was a natural-born actor, and most likely inherited the talent from his father. He said that Robin was well-received and loved by the Filipino audience, not only because of his talent, but also because of his passion and natural charisma.

“Si Robin, likas na magaling umarte dahil galing sa pamilya ng action star. Ang Tatay niyan governor pero lumalabas sa pelikula. Pero si Robin, mahal ng tao hindi lang dahil magaling umarte, martial artist yan eh. Mahal siya kase may puso sa tao at sa industriya.”

The Transformed Binoe: A Rare Gem in the Industry

Dubbed as ‘The Bad Boy of Philippine Movies’ because of his gangster roles in his films, Robin is often thought of as a tough guy because of his macho stature. Contrarily, he is actually a man with a caring heart for his family and for ordinary people. True to his name ‘Robinhood’ and the roles he played, he is a true ‘action hero’ to his family and to those who are in need.

Tatay Val could not count the number of times when Robin, the lead star, would secretly hand him money to give to the stuntmen after taping. For Robin, the stuntmen’s lives and welfare are invaluable, so he makes sure they are in good shape and well-compensated.

“Si Robin hindi pinababayaan ang mga stuntmen niya. Kapag may nasaktan, tinutulungan niya ‘yan. Wala siyang inalipusta na stuntmen at minaliliit na tao. Siya ang aktor na mahal na mahal na mga stuntmen kase alam niya ang hirap ng trabaho nila. Magtanong kayo ngayon, ‘yung mga baguhan kahit sikat, dapat matuto kay Robin.  Naniniwala siya na ang pagmamahal sa kapwa ay pagmahahal sa Diyos. “

Robin lauds stuntmen in this social media post

According to Tata Val, after taping, Robin lets everyone in the set take a picture with him, as a gesture of generosity and humility. And then the pictures will quickly circulate and spread throughout social media, but Robin does not mind at all. This humble gesture from Robin, Tatay Val recounts, was demonstrated by him even during the start of his career. It is indeed a clear sign that the man knows how to show his appreciation to the fans and to every person behind his success.

Tatay Val was quite sentimental while he shared with us his personal Robinhood experience. One time, Robin noticed an obviously worried Tatay Val so he approached him ready to offer help. He confessed to Robin that the construction of their house was put on hold, and then Robin, without hesitation, handed him a check amounting to more than what he needed. He confided that this is only one of the many things Robin has done for him, and he is forever grateful for Robin’s kindness and generosity.

Robin campaigning for Val Iglesias during the Barangay elections in 2013

Binoe as ‘Idol ng Bayan’: Expanding His Legacy Beyond Showbiz

Tatay Val admitted that from the day Robin was just starting to make a name for himself, up to the moment he has risen to the peak of stardom, he has always loved working with him. The latest project they worked on together was for Robin’s current TV series on ABS-CBN, ‘Sana Dalawa Ang Puso’.

He added that he was amazed at how Robin developed into an honorable and principled man, who is now living a healthy life, and setting a good example to the youth. He even lauded Robin for playing a significant role in the rebuilding of Marawi and sharing his talent to the Filipinos.

Robin launches the Tindig Marawi project in 2017

Asked if there was ever an instance in which his view of Robin has changed, he answered that there had been no such occurrence that lessened his admiration for the actor. Not even his imprisonment, nor a single issue thrown at him because of his personal socio-political views. The respect and love he has for Robin remains strong, and his actions continue to inspire him and his crew.

Tatay Val commented, if there is one thing that Robin learned from his journey as a public figure, it is owning up to his mistakes, as he continues to serve his purpose in life. He affirmed that the youth would have to look at the experiences that shaped Robin Padilla, in order to understand the man that he is today.

For Tatay Val, who has been in the showbiz industry for 25 years, no action star has emulated the ideals of ‘The King’, Fernando Poe, Jr. other than Robin Padilla. He pointed out that there are many people who know Robin Padilla well, and he is quite sure that they would say nothing but good things about him.

Robin Padilla leading charity projects in Mindanao

Truly, behind his fame are stories of generosity, compassion and love for God and our country. He embodies the character of a true ‘Idol ng Bayan’ – a person worthy of admiration and an inspiration to many Filipinos around the globe.