When it comes to Filipino celebrity dad endorsers, Robin Padilla has always been on top of the list. No surprise there. Gone are the days filled with colorful love affairs with his leading ladies in favor of time spent at home with his loved ones. From bad boy to a family man through and through, the action star makes sure to put his wife and daughter first and foremost before his many commitments, whether in showbiz or his advocacies.

This became evident in 2015 when Robin begged off from Nilalang, in which he was to star opposite Japanese adult film actress Maria Ozawa, to care for Mariel, who was pregnant with triplets at the time. Soon afterwards, the actor has become careful in choosing his next projects for both small and silver screen, choosing those that are more family-oriented. His Instagram is often peppered with pictures of him enjoying time spent with wife Mariel and daughter Isabella.

Over the years, Robin has proved to be a very loving and supportive husband to Mariel. From helping her cope with two failed pregnancies to raising Isabella, the action star has not once left her side. Now that Mariel has returned to hosting the noontime show, It’s Showtime, after a year-long absence, Robin couldn’t be more supportive.

Robin Padilla’s wife, Mariel, returns to It’s Showtime

“Doing that show gives her a different kind of fulfilment,” he said. “She now shines again like the sun from so much happiness.”

To celebrate Mariel’s first day back on It’s Showtime, Robin had food delivered to the studio for the entire staff.

Though he admitted that it took a while for him to let Mariel go back to work, Robin isn’t one to hinder his wife from achieving her dreams and doing what she loves best. Nothing makes him happier than seeing his wife happy.